My love of shopping started at a very early age. My mother and I would spend countless hours at the mall on weekends splurging on everything from clothing to homewares and of course, shoes! To this day, my husband still thinks I have too many shoes and I gasp every time he says those words. Too many shoes? Never!

Whenever I am travelling the first thing I do is research where I can shop! So it was no surprise to my family and friends that when I first visited New York I had researched all the best shopping spots and had created my very own personal shopping directory.

It was after that very trip, in which I experienced the beauty of New York as well as splurging in one of the world’s shopping Meccas, that a friend told me she thought my directory could help others. With that, My Splurge was born.

Many people visit New York City for a few days and it is my pleasure to help you maximize every moment of your visit by bringing to you the My Splurge Shopping Directory. It is my mission to help you enjoy your New York shopping experience and this site aims to make that easy for you.

This comprehensive directory will point you in the right direction. It will cover the neighborhoods you wish to shop in, specific types of items you are after and whatever budget you may be shopping within. Whether you are shopping on a small budget (Mini Splurge) or something a little more expensive (Medium Splurge) or shopping for designer labels (Mega Splurge) then My Splurge has you covered.

Last, but certainly not least, this page is dedicated to my beautiful and all inspiring mother Raylene, without her influence and all those shopping trips making me a shop-a-holic, this page may have never existed. You are now my personal guardian angel Mom, thank you for still watching over me every day.

– Shanelle