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To splurge is to spend your money freely or extravagantly. It’s the kind of shopping experience that leaves you feeling liberated from the parameters of price and time constraints. Splurging allows you to buy luxury items, or to find exactly what you need with minimal fuss.

Splurging is about making shopping fun. And is there any better place to indulge in some city shopping than New York City? Absolutely not!

My Splurge is your one stop guide to shopping NYC. Our goal is for locals and travellers to maximize their time in New York City, and to easily and efficiently find the stores closest to them for whatever they may be wanting to shop for. No matter what your budget is, our directory listings are diverse, and span from Dior to K-Mart. This is so we can provide a directory that can cover people from all walks of life with any budget that may have. Simply enter your budget and location, and we’ll do the rest.

Our budgets are:

Mini Splurge = Items for $1 – $100
Medium Splurge = Items from $100 – $300
Mega Splurge = Items from $300 to thousands

NYC is a global shopping destination for a reason. It has been a fashion powerhouse for centuries, and a hub for creative types to craft and sell their wares for years. There are thousands of stores with incredible offerings in a range of categories. New York is the global centre for many industries, from haute couture fashion designers to upmarket jewellery and innovative home decor stores. Shopping in NYC can be fabulous, but it can be a daunting task to figure out exactly where to go. For both local New Yorkers and those who have travelled the world to be in the so-called Big Apple, finding the best places to shop in New York can be a tricky task. Our aim is to save you time to spend at all the other amazing places New York has to offer.

Let’s be real, we’ve all got busy lives, and a thousand things to do. Both local NYC residents and tourists can benefit from the time that My Splurge saves. New Yorkers have places to go and people to see, as well as some of the most intense work schedules in the world (it’s a mystery to this day how the Sex and the City writers thought Carrie Bradshaw and her successful friends had so much time to go to brunch). For those visiting the city, there are a bevy of other attractions to see in New York that are worthy of your time. For both the locals and those only in town for a little while, you can save time by searching out the top shopping locations in New York before you hit the change rooms. Life is too short to take disappointing and lengthy shopping trips. Especially if you are a visitor to New York, you want to know the top New York shopping destinations without wasting hours pounding the pavement or poring over online reviews.

My Splurge offers a comprehensive list of the best shopping spots in NYC. We have combined experience of shopping in NYC with research and online reviews to come up with our list of the top shopping locations. Here you’ll find stores that deliver what they promise. Some are well-established stores, the kind that have been New York shopping institutions for years. Others are up and coming labels, chain stores that give you what you need, and stores selling recycled thrift items. We’ve got it all. For both the blossoming and the already booming shopping destinations in our directory, rigorous standards were applied in order to place them on our list of the top places to shop in New York. If they made the cut, you can rest assured they are worthy of our My Splurge status.

Your guide to shop in New York City as compiled by My Splurge currently offers loads of business directories in the NYC area, and we aim for it to grow each day to give you the most shopping information possible. On that list, we can guarantee there is a store selling a piece you will love.

Why did we create the My Splurge shopping directory list? First of all, we love shopping! Whether we are after classic suits, unique international perfumes, rare antiques, or just a new toothpaste from the drugstore, there’s something great about finding exactly the product you want. Shopping in New York gives you the potential to find unique items for your home or wardrobe, as well as just the everyday items you need to get on with your day. It’s about purchasing products that speak volumes about you, and that tell a story. If you shop in New York the My Splurge way, there’s the potential to fill your home with interesting items that speak volumes.

If this sounds like your kind of shopping, head to for a comprehensive list of the best shopping New York City has to offer. You’re welcome!